The Importance of an Eraser



    The ever-lingering question bothers me to no end. It eats away at my brain space, leaving little to allot for my daydreams, mathematical computations, or comprehension of textbooks. Just how important are erasers?

In order to gauge the importance of this piece of rubber, the hypothetical scenario must be addressed: What if the rubber erasers we know today never existed?

Some may argue that erasers would have eventually been capitalized on by some other investor had British engineer Edward Nairne not done so. Others can also argue that we could have used different materials, capitalizing on crustless bread as the pre-1770s humans have done (I should seriously try that out, but I’m worried about the ants lying in the wait, ready to invade…).

Anyways, if erasers never existed, I’m sure that my math homework would be infinitely times messier than it is now. That APUSH class worksheet that I wasn’t supposed to write on may have not looked so spotless had I not had my eraser on hand. We use erasers so often, we never take the time to actually notice it, appreciate it.

Go ahead.

Thank that eraser that’s saved you countless of times these past years.


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