The Struggle is Real



    Before this summer, I had a painful time organizing my assignments and remembering those tiny reminders that teachers announced at different times during class. I would always rely on writing my assignment anywhere possible: my hand, my school planner, my classwork, my notes, on scrap pieces of paper in my binder, and even my arm.

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t that why you have a planner? To stay organized? Well, yes, but I wasn’t inspired. As much as I loved those school planner covers, I never found interest in keeping them in my backpack, choosing to leave them at home to gather dust.

The struggle was real.

Then I stumbled across bullet journals. The bullet journal system was the brainchild of New York digital product producer Ryder Carroll. It has really inspired me with its flexible and changeable format that molds to my tastes, allowing all sorts of customization.

After using my bullet journal (or bujo for short) for two months, I can truly say that my life seems more manageable, rather than a whirlwind that cannot be tamed, dates of tests and assignments confounding my brain.


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