“How Aesthetic.” – So What?



When I look at this picture, I see order. Rulers stick together, coffee is set down in the corner with the handle to the right, and the pens and paint brushes are lined up from smallest to largest. There is so much beauty in the organization of these office supplies that any slight shift in an item or disorder would ruin the picture.

But why is it that disorganization bothers me? Why am I so rattled by the hypothetical scenario where the coffee cup handle is on the left? What if all of the writing utensils were clumped together in a pile?

I believe that it’s a matter of human exertion of control. There are so many phenomena in the universe that humans cannot control. I cannot stop a charley horse* from happening midway (as much as I would love to). I cannot control the ever-changing California weather that ruins all of the outfits that I have planned. However, being able to exert even the smallest amount of control over the state of a desk allows me to have a sense of accomplishment.


*charley horse – a muscle spasm or cramp, often in the leg


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