What “Acute” Cloud.


PHOTO 2016 BY CATHY (me).

Usually, when I look at skies, I see pure blue skies and white, fluffy clouds that remind me of cotton candy. I just want to reach my hand out, stretch my fingers to the limit, and snatch a piece of a cloud and take a chomp.

Today, however, something caught my eye as I was walking out of 5th period to get picked up. There were no chubby, balls of fluff in the deep blue ocean above, but rather an angle, “acute” angle. This gave me such a good idea for a math pun that I just had to photograph it.

Math really does play a part in our lives. That cloud over there is in the shape of an angle, an acute angle to be exact. That textbook laying on my desk (that will never be touched again) seems to be two inches thick and takes up a large surface area of my desk. That basketball that I just threw during practice flew in the shape of a parabola. You can never actually avoid it.

Now, if I could avoid being called corny for thinking of a math pun that would be the cherry on top.



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