It’s okay.



Ubukata: It wasn’t your fault. There isn’t a single person who thinks that.
Tsukushi: So I… can cry? 
Ubukata: You can. You gave everything you had.

Days episode 12

Tsukushi of the recent anime titled Days has recently played in the final soccer match of the preliminaries. He cannot bring himself to cry, having missed the shot that would have turned the tides of the game, and feels that he doesn’t have the right to cry. Somehow while watching this scene, seeing Ubukata bring Tsukushi back to his senses struck a chord in me.

So many times, we blame ourselves for the mistakes that we make during matches. I cannot recount the times that I have mentally scowled and berated myself for missing a shot or opportunity to pass to a teammate. For some reason, I developed the habit of saying “sorry” every time I do something, because deep inside, I’m scared. I fear doing something wrong that would make the coach pull me out of the game, or my teammates think less of me. But, as long as you give it 110% out on the field or court, your teammates will know that you truly tried out there. That was the best of your ability, and it’s alright.


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