Lost Spark



Is there any point in time that we know for sure what we want in life, or what we don’t want? I think that there actually isn’t. Rather, I believe that it’s a continual process of trials and errors that allows us to encounter the sport, subject, or profession that we wish to pursue. It took me quite a long time to figure out that piano and tennis were not quite the hobbies that ignited that flame of passion in me.

I played piano for almost 7 years before finally quitting. In the beginning, I loved it. I would play my favorite contemporary songs for hours, content with my progress and how my skills evolved over time. But somewhere along the way, I lost that spark and began to despise going to my lessons and playing in front of audiences.

And then there was tennis. I started in 1st grade and played for about 4 years, before my coach when AWOL. I never tried to search for a coach afterwards. I still have my racket though. It has sat in my closet for the past 5 years.

It was only when I encountered basketball that the spark transformed into an everlasting flame. With every hurdle, every challenge, I never wanted to give up. There was something about the sport that made me feel alive every time I played it.


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