Oodles of Noodles



   If I could only take 1 thing with me to a deserted island, I would pick instant ramen. Wait. Actually, make that 2 things: instant ramen and a portable stove. The instant ramen experience is unlike no other. The smell of re-hydrated carrots, peas, and noodles wafts around the room as you wait those 3 long, agonizing minutes for your cup of ramen to finish cooking. Once you open up the lid, a warm, comforting blast of steam envelops your face.

My parents know for a fact that I love instant ramen. In fact, we have an entire case of cup noodles stored in the pantry, waiting to be torn open and ravaged. At the same time, however, I recognize the unhealthy aspects of this cheap, but filling option.

Just recently, one of my favorite noodle brands, Nissin, just revamped their cup noodle recipes, citing “no added MSG or artificial colors, and lower sodium content.” Before, their sodium content was sky-high, at 60% of your daily value for consumption. Though still high at 45% DV of sodium with their new recipe, I can feel slightly better about myself whenever I eat it.

Of course, everything should be used or eaten in moderation. As much as I would love to inhale ramen on a daily basis, I would not be willing to risk my health for it. Once every two weeks sounds good enough for me.



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