Sweet Treats



    In southern California, you can find a vast variety of food from different cultures, and drinks to cool you down underneath the scorching hot sun. A particular drink called boba is all the rage there: tiny spheres made of tapioca sit at the bottom of your cup as sweet, creamy milk tea or fruity, refreshing tea is pour over them.

   This drink is so irresistible, people get it on almost a daily basis (It has about the same level of popularity as Starbucks). I have friends who can account for that. Guilty as charged, I also do the same.

   Not only does it taste delicious, it’s worth the cost! At Starbucks, a grande size (16 oz) frappuccino can cost about $4 already. However, at various boba places, you can get about the same size or even more for $.50 less. What a steal! 

   Is there any other drink out there that can beat it? 


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