We got Spirit, How ‘Bout You? 



Barons wander around the school in the morning, festive and bright in their blue blue outfits. They’re ready and showing their spirit in support of the big, grand Bell Game tonight at OCC. In fact, this entire week has been in support of our football team as they take on the Chargers.

For those who are unaware of the Bell Game and its grandeur, simply put, it’s a traditional football game that puts the rivalry between the Barons and the Chargers on display for all to see, and the grand prize is a gigantic bell to take back to the victor’s high school. The Barons and Chargers are very hyped for this intense battle taking place tonight, even though the Barons have lost many years in a row.

Some may ask: if the Barons haven’t claimed victory in such a long time, why bother continuing to get excited for the games?

It’s in the spirit of being a Baron community, of getting ourselves hyped up, of having a good time being supportive of our sports teams. While it sucks to lose, there’s always hope. There’s always a next year. And each year, we’ll be ready to come back strong and fight.




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