Succulents Everywhere



   Whenever you walk into a house, what do you see? In the living room, maybe there is a sofa, a TV, a table, some paintings, or a plant. As for the plant, well, what kind of plant is it? Maybe its an orchid, fern, or a succulent. I see mostly succulents.

Why succulents? Well I’m sure that it’s because they’re easy to care for and maintain in comparison to other plants that may need a lot of sunlight or water. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that there’s something about that green and purple color scheme that makes such plants stand out from your traditional green plant or solid colored flower.

There are even new trends based on succulents! From dying hair to placing them on your nails, succulents have taken the world by storm. Will succulents stay a trend, or will another plant take over as the reigning indoor plant decor choice?


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