Up, Up and Up

When you look at the word “college,” you can expect the word “tuition” to follow it. Today, tuition prices for private and state colleges can range from $20,000 to +$50,000 in the United States.  Looking at this, many students begin to cringe or have worried looks on their faces, wondering, how can I pay for all of this?

Have no fear, student loans are here! With student loans in addition to various other sources like grants, scholarships, or part-time jobs, students should able to afford college. However, there’s a catch: student debts.

In the photo of the UCLA brochure above, it states that “virtually all UCLA graduates – 98% of them – successfully manage loan repayment.” While the thought of being debt-free is fantastic, is there anyway that we could avoid the process above? Should students be forced to look for other ways to pay for their higher education?


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