What Kind of Person are You?

This past Wednesday, my school hosted a College & Career Fair in the gym, with numerous colleges in attendance, ready to distribute and persuade as many interested high schoolers to check out their programs.

Before doing so, students are asked to fill out this questionnaire regarding their personality types known as the Holland Code. There is the belief that knowing what type of personality one has can help to identify the jobs that will interest and fit them. Having a job that is a good fit for you leads to satisfaction.

I mean, think about it? Would you like to have a job where every day, you come to work miserable and down because you dislike that profession? I know I wouldn’t.

After completing the series of questions, I found that I was mostly conventional, investigative, and social. To my surprise, health science was a part of all three categories. I’ve always been a big fan of this career category, as my goal has always been to work in the medical field somewhere. As I shared this with my history teacher, he remarked that the FBI would be a good fit for me! I had never even thought of that! Maybe its time for a career interest change? 


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