Art Perspectives

For the past couple of weeks, my parents were on the hunt for a painting or wall art that would replace the empty space once occupied by my upright piano. As we walked through different wall decor and home decoration stores, nothing seemed to spark our interest. Too narrow. Too wide. Too depressing. Too abstract. I’ve found a few that intrigued me and prompted me to ask my dad to take a look. However, once he saw them, I could see his expression change and a hesitant look form. Our conflicting interests have led to various searches.

In the end, we found a piece of art that we could all agree on. It’s geometrical, simplistic look fitted both of our criteria and its dark mocha frame blended well with the tan wall behind it.

What prompts people to buy art? Is the deciding factor price, art style, or is it compatibility with the rest of the house? I’ve always thought, if you like a piece of art very much, just buy it. However, through this process, I could see that there’s more to it than a simple admiration for art.


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