The Presidential Election



I feel that the ending of this article by Mickey Edwards is quite delightful to read and a very important point. The elections aren’t just about the next president being either Clinton or Trump. What truly matters is that our country has a leader who will represent all of us. At the same time, our country also has a losing presidential candidate who will stay true to “loyal opposition,” falling with dignity. The big picture is the fact that our constitutional democracy, a fundamental part of this nation needs to be preserved by all leaders (and hopeful leaders) of this country, past, present, and future.

These past weeks, the election seems to focus very much on the candidates’ flaws, their wrongdoings, when it should be about what they’ll do to preserve or even improve our country.

Thankfully, with Clinton’s loss and concession speech, she has demonstrated this important quality of humility and understanding of the bigger picture.



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