Group Work vs. Individual Work

 Can you place a value upon group student work and individual student work? Can you consider one better than the other?

I feel that there are certain situations that allow for the value each to shine brightly in the classroom. It’s all a matter of knowing when to use it.

In my AP U.S. History class, we do a mix of both. In the image above, my classmates and I were split into groups to answer review questions concerning a chapter in our book. By working in groups, we are able to save time as we can get all questions answered within one class period, compared to if everyone answered all of the questions by themselves. We can share our ideas and thoughts about how to respond, which could help to spark more ideas from other group members.

On the other hand, while we are working on document-based questions, we work individually. In this case, individual work is the best option as the AP exam to be taken in May does not allow teamwork, as it tests your ability to comprehend U.S. history, not someone else’s.

Rather than placing a value on each, it is best to say that both are equally useful. Depending on the circumstances and what the AP proctor or teacher wishes to evaluate, the type of work to be done will vary.


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