To Converse With the Greats



The poem by Vera Pavlova, “To Converse with the Greats” seems to be discussing inspiration and reading.  And honestly, I’m really digging it.

When Pavlova uses the word “greats,” I feel like she’s making a connection to classic authors, those whose fantastic novels and stories have survived the ages and continue to inspire and fascinate people today. In order for us to be able to establish a connection with these authors, we need to, as Pavlova says, “correspond with books/ by rewriting them; /to edit holy edicts.”

You can consider classical works to be sacred, but by experimenting with them, being inspired to come up with your own ending and questions to plot holes (if there are any, which I sort of doubt), you are able to delve into the author’s mind and see the routes they could have gone but chose not to. You’re one step closer to the author than everyone else.

It’s never a sin to be inspired to write your own ending. That’s why fanfiction exists.


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