An Interview with My Dad



Last week, I submitted my interview of my dad to my AP Language class. I really like this assignment because I got the opportunity to speak with my dad face-to-face in a serious way, to learn more about his past. As a child growing up, of course, I was curious about him, but all my questions were reciprocated with simplistic short answers. I wanted to know the full back story this time.

For my interview, I chose to focus on career-type questions. When you were younger, what did you imagine you would do for work? Was their anything in particular that caused you to change your career field? From this I learned quite the bit about my dad. At first he wanted to become a teacher, but switched to engineering after leaving Vietnam to settle in the United States. The reason being was that he needed to find a stable job that could support him, and later on, my mom and I.

Overall, the experience allowed me to fully appreciate the sacrifices that my dad made to make his family’s life comfortable.


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