Where Are the Real Conversations and Discussions?


PHOTO 2016 BY freestocks.org (CC0)

In the modern world, with all its techno-gadgets, gizmos, and apps, none are more popular or as powerful (in my opinion) as Twitter. This social media app allows users to express their opinions and thoughts with a limit of 140 characters. However, that’s more than enough to get the message across, especially for Donald Trump, the president-elect.

The tweet speaks for itself.

-Sean Spicer, incoming White House press secretary for Trump

It’s amazing how Trump has voiced his opinion frankly on Twitter on various topics such as “congressional ethics, the auto industry, Obamacare, Guantanamo Bay & the entertainment lineup at his inaugural festivities.” He has a lot to say about everything, but are 140 characters truly enough to express the message? Spicer seems to believe so.

In today’s society, conversations and debates have made their way online, been shortened, and are limited by screens that sometimes do not allow the point and emotion to get across. Where did debates and discussions go? The ones that would last longer than a minute, were face to face, and consisted of polite, respectful voicing of ideas? I’ve seen ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations being used in order to support opinions. Not to mention, people on Twitter often sub-tweet, or “discreetly” criticize/mock/insult/etc. another person. In fact, Trump has done this in the tweet below.

In all honesty, it’s becoming quite tiring. I can see the usage of Twitter for spreading news or good happenings with others, but to use it as a platform for insulting others is going in the wrong direction. If you want to argue, working out the problem in person (respectfully) is the way to go.


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