Time Flies, Regrets Sting


PHOTO 2015 BY MyStock.Photos (CC0)

Just yesterday, 8th graders from the surrounding area were allowed to come and “preview” my high school. Honestly, it was interested to see young potential students interested in checking out where they’ll be learning at for the next 4 years. At the same time, I suddenly realized how fast time had flew. Had it really been just 3-4 years ago that I had been an 8th grader myself? Was it only yesterday that I had been learning about Isaac Newton’s Laws (a preview of it…), American history, running a mile and a half each week in P.E., and baking pizza rolls in home economics? It was just so overwhelming and then I asked myself, had I regretted anything during that time period?

To be honest, the only thing I regretted was not getting enough sleep. Even then, I was falling asleep in my classes. I still am today! I though it was so cool to stay up late and brag about it later to my friends. Once high school rolled around, I changed my mind. Staying up is the worst thing to do. I lost so much sleep, I started taking naps. It was becoming hard to get through the day without taking a break to rest. I never had to do that before. To any younger kids (whether you’re in elementary or middle school), get some rest while you still can!

In APUSH (AP United States History), a group of 8th graders dropped by and my teacher asked if we had any advice for them. Unanimously, everyone agreed, “DON’T TAKE APUSH.” We burst out laughing immediately. APUSH requires dedication and leaves no room for procrastination. We had already powered through countless nights of work to study and create outlines for homework, and these 8th graders were clueless to our suffering. Perhaps we could dissuade them and save them before it was too late.

Now, I’m not saying that AP classes are all bad. But you do need a certain tenacious, determined attitude to survive in these rigorous classes. Maybe there will be a few, future brave juniors who will still want to take APUSH, but its best to weed out the ones who aren’t quite ready yet.



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