Height-The Deciding Factor?

Recently, Simone Biles, a fantastic gymnast, took a photo standing next to Shaquille O’Neal, a retired NBA player. As soon as I saw the picture, I was shocked. Holy fudge, Biles is so tiny next to O’Neal! She only reaches his stomach! But then again, I had to put into perspective that O’Neal is 7’0″ while Biles is 4’8″. If you think about it, their heights work to their advantages, respectively. As a gymnast, having a short stature helps out greatly in terms of lower center of gravity, better rotational performance, and strength, according to Livestrong. As for O’Neal, his height helps him to be a good center/post player in basketball. He can reach for the ball easily to rebound and has a good view of the court. However, should height be the deciding factor for what sport or activity you should participate in? Of course not! As a 5’2″ basketball player myself, I’m still able to play the sport. I love it! The thrill of the game… running your heart out to grab the ball before the other team can… My height doesn’t stop me from doing what I love. In fact, my height forces me to work harder than everyone else in order to get the ball and make smart choices when going up against a tall defensive player.


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