Reflecting Back on My Blog



At the beginning of the school year, my teacher assigned his classes to start a blog. I wasn’t exactly ecstatic. Writing on top of classwork? No, thank you. However, as the months passed by quickly like water in raging rapids, I began to write a bit more freely. Each weekly post wasn’t so burdensome. It was actually…dare I say… fun.

On my blog, I wrote all about different aspects of life, ranging from school and my friends, to my past hobbies and things I encounter from time to time. In the process, I’ve noticed that I don’t like talking about current events in the world. I tend to focus on the local things that happen at school and in my community. I think it was around the time of the presidential election campaigns that I chose to (kind of) shield myself away current events. I didn’t want to think about Donald Trump even becoming president. There were some very controversial things that he had said which made me fear about the future. So this could have been a political factor in my choosing to focus on local things. At the same time, talking about the things that happen around me gave me a plethora of topics to discuss.

Looking back at all of the 36 posts I had published, I have used the SQUID element “delight” the most. In fact, it appears so much more than the other SQUID posts. Twenty Delight posts compared to just 10 Question posts? Based on the 242 tags I’ve used, “life,” “high school,” “basketball,” and “jobs.”

I think I’ve always liked posting “Delight” posts because its an element that gives me free reign over what I write. With the other elements, I have to either come back to a question, relate it to another idea, or research a topic even further. They felt constricting. With Delight posts, I tended to focus on life or high school. It was just so refreshing to get my thoughts out and develop my initial thoughts into something complex.

A post I could expand on would be my post about my experience with high school. I could go on and on about my experiences during my freshman year that have shaped my way of thinking. I could talk about my accelerated bio class or my English honors 1 class. I had so many fun and cringe-worthy memories from my semester-long World Geography class. At the same time, if I had known I could have taken Spanish 1 in 8th grade, I probably could have been finished with Spanish 4 by junior year. Instead, I have to wait till senior year to take Spanish 4. I could probably write a blog post over 1,000 words regarding all of these experiences triggered by the 8th graders visiting my high school that day.




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