Codes for Days



In all honesty, if someone told me that I couldn’t do something because of my age or gender, I would most likely respond, “Hell no.” That’s exactly what this amazing lady did just recently. She didn’t care about her gender or age. She proved to the world that nothing would stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

I am just amazed at what Masako Wakamiya has done. She saw an empty market for smartphone apps for elderly people. She wasn’t that person who sighed, “Oh well, I’ll wait till someone else makes the app for me.” Quite far from it. She took matters into her own hands and decided to develop her own app, that catered to not only her interests, but was based off of her own culture.

I wish I could develop an app like her. I’m not the most computer-savvy person, I would love to give it a try. Perhaps just for fun. I may not create the best app in the whole wide world, but I’ll never know what the results will be until I give it a try.



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