Zines: the Escape


PHOTO 2016 by UNSPLASH (cc0)

When was the last time you ever picked up a book? Like, a tangible, honest to goodness book made up of pieces of paper bound on one side to a cover? And no, a book that you were assigned to read does not count. If you can still say that you have read a book recently, good for you! If not, maybe here’s a solution for you. A way for you to get back on track to reading some good old books.

Zines are these really short “magazines” that you can pick up that can cover just about any topic from feminism to punk music to wildlife. The best part is, they’re all printed! In a piece by Jonno Revanche, “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion,” he cites how teens can find zines to be an alternative to the often “frantic deletion of browser history so that your family can’t see it…[you can] hide it under your bed instead, or in a zipped inner sanctum within your school bag.” Way too often today, many teens are stuck to their mobile phone or computer, enticed by the many wonders of social media such as Facebook (is that still a thing?), Snapchat, messenger apps, Youtube, etc. Before Vines were deleted, view counts were up to the billions each day, capturing attention with only 6-second videos. Our attention span has shortened so much, we just can’t seem to sit still and slow down. That’s how we were raised, because that’s the society we grew up in. Always hustling and bustling, can’t stop, won’t stop, productivity must always be high. I can admit that myself, as a fellow adolescent.

With zines, we can say no to the ever growing digitization of society and communication around us, we can slowly, step by step, build up our attention span until we can finally pick up a book with ease, once again.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t judge, if you so happen to prefer zines to books. They’re very fun, intriguing reading material.


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