Remixing: An Appreciation to the Creator



On Friday, while our class was starting to put together our zines, my teacher played a video for us, titled “Everything is a Remix Part 1.” It was quite interesting as I had never understood the thin lines that separate plagiarizing, remixing, and covering a song. Today on YouTube, you can discover a whole bunch of covers and remixes of the latest new popular songs.

Two of my favorite cover artists on Youtube are Silv3rt3ar and Jung Hyunjae. While each of them cover many of the same songs, they each have their own particular style that sets them apart.

Silv3rt3ar happens to focus more on covering the songs using her guitar and rewriting/rewording the Korean lyrics into English. She also does covers of songs in the original Korean. She has a very sweet voice that goes well with her acoustic covers.

Jung Hyunjae, on the other hand, covers the songs using an instrumental, creating her own harmonies, and singing in Korean. She is quite good at rapping and projecting her powerful voice into her rapping and high notes.

Both are very pleasing to listen to, and I would even place them on the same level of enjoyment as listening to the original artists sing their songs.


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