Young Ambitions



As a child, there were so many aspirations that I had, swirling around in my mind. I wanted to be a doctor. I also wanted to be a singer. I wanted to dance and watch anime all day long. Lastly, I wanted to make money with stocks.

Now, when kids have large dreams, sometimes almost ludicrous, adults will pat them on the head and say, “Sure! You can do that.” Most of the time, adults say that to prevent themselves from breaking our hearts and exposing us to the harsh reality of survival in society.

I remember a particular incident with my father, actually. I told him, “Dad, with all this Christmas money that I got, can I buy stocks?” Mind you, I was a child, and so my relatives would give me at most $20 each.

He replied, “What’s this all about? Stocks? You sure?”

I adamantly huffed, “Yes, I want to invest.”

He thought for a while, making that typical humming  sound as he tried to figure out how to respond. He slowly said, “Well, how about if you take just $100 and set that aside for stocks, and save the rest in a savings account? That way, you can test the waters.”

Being the naive little girl I was, I agreed, put my money in the savings account…and forgot completely about the $100 until…8 years later. My history teacher sparked up my interest in economics and the stock market again, having discussed the Great Depression and the stock market crash in APUSH. I’ll admit that maybe being 9 years old was too young for a person to start investing, but what about now? There are many successful stories out there of teens who started investing and reaped the profits of their “labor” (literally just sit back and watch money grow). Why can’t I do that too? I’m hoping that by senior year, I’ll have a trading account in my grasp (with parental assistance in signing up of course) and be testing the waters, with $100 in my hands. I won’t spend all of my money. That would be irresponsible of me to spend all of it. So what’s the harm in trying, gaining experience early?


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