Hold up, just a second!


PHOTO 2015 BY Gratisography (CC0)

As a child, my parents always took me to the supermarket with them. They would ask me, “Can you please get (inserts food item) for me? Make sure that the sell by/best by date isn’t too close to today.” And I guess that habit my parents had of getting food with the furthest date had been instilled in me. At home, if I look at the date and that date was just yesterday or two days ago, I immediate throw it out. I always interpreted it as the expiration date.

Seeing just how baseless our system of labeling is has opened my eyes a bit to the vast amount of waste that I had been producing throughout my childhood. As explained in this video, “Expired? Food waste in America” Montana still has a law keeping milk from being sold or donated 12 days past its expiration date. That’s crazy, especially when milk is proven to be consumable still for 21-24 days after. I hope that in time, a new label system will be implemented, one that has actual scientific basis and can be implemented by the federal government. Starting now, I hope that I’ll learn to stick it through the next time I drink “past sell-by date” milk, knowing that it is perfectly good. It’s going to be tough, especially with a psychological factor in play (instilled since childhood), but I think I can do it.


2 thoughts on “Hold up, just a second!

  1. Indeed, people are ridiculously wussy about expiry dates, seeming to think that as soon as the clock has struck midnight on the magic date, the food instantly becomes rotten. It’s nuts! I honestly believe that the dating is there more so that supermarkets can’t be sued than for any other reason. People need to stop blindly following the advice of labels and start using some common sense. If it seems fine, it probably is! [sorry for the rant, but you’ve hit on a particular irritation of mine! 😉 ]


    • No problem! Break free from your chains of inhibition and feel free to express your thoughts! It’s just astounding the amount of perfectly good consumables that go to waste. I recommend watching the video I linked in my blog post above (“Expired? Food waste in America”) if you haven’t already. Some visual aids really put into perspective the amount of waste produced.

      Hilarious! The magic expiry date:
      “Oh I was drinking this milk at 11:58 P.M, and now that it is 11:59 P.M, it has magically spoiled. Oh the horror!” 🙂

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