Don’t do this to your kids!


PHOTO 2014 BY Startup Stock Photos (CC0)

Just recently, my teacher took a quick in-class survey, asking each of us our thoughts on how much homework he assigns us weekly in AP Language & Composition class. Answers may have varied, from as low as 1-2 to as high as 8 even (courtesy of my table group member), but the general consensus was “not that much homework.” Even there, answers can vary for different reasons: maybe another AP class gives us even more homework or another class gives even less homework than he does (if a teacher did that, sign me up!). Overall, we came to the conclusion that our English teacher gives us about 4 hours of homework a week, a fairly decent amount, enough to keep our brains active and running.

We later got into the discussion of how much homework other AP classes gave out? How did that compare with his class? Let me tell you, my English teacher’s class is a godsend. I swear, compared to my AP Biology homework load, this was nothing. I would sit at my desk for hours on end, pouring over homework posted late and which always seemed to take me 2-3 hours to complete PER DAY. That adds up to a grand total of about 10-15 hours of AP Bio work on top of my other classes.

Is this the future that my child is going to be stuck in when he/she enters high school? Countless nights of no sleep, carpal tunnel syndrome [from typing outlines or essays], and extreme pressure to succeed (from my own parents)? I hope not. Having gone through this experience, I certainly would not wish these horrors upon anyone else. Maybe my child could take 2-5 AP classes total in his/her high school career. The classes certain are challenging, rigorous, and somehow even fun. It’s when you take too many AP classes, trying to cram them all in before your high school journey ends when it becomes a nightmare.


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